In America, a 13-year-old boy pointed a fake gun at the police, the officer shot him thinking it was real; read the full story

In New York, USA, a 13-year-old boy was shot dead by the police. It is being said that the child’s face resembled that of a thief. The police stopped two children together on the road, one of them pointed a handgun at the police, after which the police shot him in the chest.

AP, New York. Firing in America is not stopping. Now a case of a police officer shooting a 13-year-old child has come to light from New York, USA. It is being told that to escape from the police, the child showed them something like a handgun. Police said that about 240 miles (400 kilometers) from Manhattan, a Utica police officer stopped two young men at 10 pm during a robbery investigation.

Police said that the description of the two 13-year-old boys matched those of the robbery suspects. One of them was walking down the street, the other ran away and the first one pointed a handgun at the police. The police then mistook the handgun for a real one and shot the boy in the chest.

Handgun found near the child

Police said officers believed it was a handgun, but it was later discovered to be a replica of a Glock 17 Gen 5 handgun with a removable magazine.

During the scuffle between police and the child, an officer fired a shot that hit the boy in the chest. The child was immediately taken to Wynn Hospital by officers for treatment, where he died.

Let us tell you that the gun in the child’s hand matched the features of a real gun. It was a realistic-looking firearm with GLOCK markings, signatures, detachable magazine and serial numbers. The other child was later taken into custody from the back of the police car and was not involved in the firing. The entire incident of this incident has been recorded in the video.

The officer who fired the shot was identified as Patrick Husne, a six-year veteran of the agency. The police department is further investigating the matter. For information, the police is also trying to find out whether the officers followed policies and training or not. The state attorney general will also investigate the true facts in this case and find out whether this firing incident by the police was correct.

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