Darya Dugina: daughter of a Putin friend murdered in a Moscow bomb blast.

 A suspected vehicle bombing has claimed the life of a close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s.

According to Russia’s investigating committee, Darya Dugina, 29, perished following an explosion on a road outside of Moscow.

As “Putin’s brain,” the Russian scholar Alexander Dugin, her father may have been the intended victim of the assault.

Mr. Dugin is a well-known advocate of ultra-nationalism who is thought to be close to the Russian president.

The philosopher was giving a talk at a festival close to Moscow when Alexander Dugin and his daughter attended.

At the Zakharovo estate, where Russian poet Alexander Pushkin once stayed, the “Tradition” festival bills itself as a family outing for art enthusiasts.

The two were scheduled to depart the location on Saturday night in the same automobile, but Mr. Dugin apparently decided to go his own way at the last minute.

Unconfirmed video that was uploaded to Telegram appears to show Mr. Dugin staring in disbelief as emergency personnel arrive at the scene of the smouldering wreck of a car.

The clip could not be independently verified by the BBC.

Investigators have determined that Ms. Dugina passed away at the spot close to Bolshiye Vyazemy.

They claimed that when an explosive device hidden under the automobile exploded, it set the car on fire. Experts on forensics and explosives are looking at it.

Ukrainian involvement in the incident has been denied by a Ukrainian official.

Mykhailo Podolyak, a counsellor to President Volodymyr Zelensky, stated: “Ukraine, of course, has nothing to do with this since we are not a criminal state, which is the Russian Federation, and even less a terrorist state.”

If any connections to Ukraine were discovered, according to Maria Zakharova, the foreign ministry’s spokeswoman, it would be “state terrorism.”

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