Cricket World Cup: Will our boys win?

Home advantage and the Indian XI’s sizzling performances in the past month suggest that we are peaking on time, but worries remain

Captain Rohit Sharma gives a pep talk before the team takes the field; (Photo: AFP)

Nikhil Naz

New Delhi,ISSUE DATE: Oct 9, 2023 | UPDATED: Sep 29, 2023 21:18 IST

Team India captain Rohit Sharma was just beginning to field questions from the press after India’s thumping win in the Asia Cup final when he was interrupted by the deafening sound of crackers being burst outside. He paused, allowed the noise to die down and then, almost instinctively, remarked, “World Cup jeetne ke baad phodo, yaar (Burst the crackers after we win the World Cup, guys)!” While Rohit’s comment was in jest, it does encapsulate the mood of a cricket-mad country that has been experiencing an extended title drought at the world level since 2011 when M.S. Dhoni led the Indian team to victory.

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