Chandrayaan-3 Moon landing: From Gautam Adani to Anand Mahindra, how prominent people reacted

Chandrayaan-3 news: India created history on Wednesday as it successfully landed Chandrayaan-3 mission of the South Pole of Moon’s surface. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it a ‘historic moment’ as more than billion people witnessed the landing with pride in their hearts. India’s corporate sector also expressed excitement over the achievements with leaders like Gautam Adani, Anand Mahindra, Salman Khan etc. congratulating ISRO for the achievement.

“Congratulations, @isro ! You are indeed the pride of the nation. A country’s ability to execute space missions reflects her confidence and this is India’s time. A historic moment for our 1.4 billion citizens as our nation’s orbits continue to expand. Jai Hind,” Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani said in a tweet.

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra was already very excited for the Chandrayaan-3 mission  and posted several tweets after the successful landing. “From the dawn of humankind we have gazed at the moon and let it work its magic on our minds. The moon turned us into dreamers. Today, magic & science merge and having the moon in our grasp will spark new dreams in the minds of 1.4 billion Indians. Jai Hind,” Anand Mahindra said.

“Dhanyavaad, Thank you, @isro for: Teaching us how to aim for the stars; Making us believe in our own abilities; Showing us how to deal with failure & use it as a platform to rise again. And above all, making us Proud to be Indian,” Anand Mahindra said in another tweet.

Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Gita Gopinath congratulated ISRO and all of India for the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3. “Wow! Chandrayaan-3’s moon landing is a great achievement for India and all humanity! Congratulations to the @ISRO team and all of India,” Gita Gopinath said in a tweet.

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